Buying Guide

Here are some handy tips that should help you when deciding between a Windows laptop or Apple Mac?

The operating system (or OS) is the on board software that runs many of the computer’s functions, but is it also the GUI (graphics user interface) which sites between the users and the hardware. The long standing debate over whether it is better to purchase an Apple laptop (AKA MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) or more common to most laptop running Microsoft Windows. Both offer tons of features and the decission often comes down to which one you are more familiar with, however the latest editions are very easy for anyone to set up and use…

For example at present Apple Macs lets you install and use Windows freely. This is perfect for those who prefer the look of an Apple but want the functionality of a Windows device. And with Windows 7 and Windows 8 both boasting much updated looks and features some say even moving in the direction of Apple themselves!


The CPU or ‘processor’ is the ‘brain’ of the computer and controls all running software. There are several different ones which can make the decision seem impossible at time.

The current market leader is Intel and its Celeron processor series.It is designed to cope with running multiple applications simultaneously. Other, similar and often cheaper chips are supplied by AMD. Apple computers run on Intels dual core processors.

Generally speaking stick to Intel and aim for at least a dual core option. Modern quad core laptops and desktops are now much more freely available…

Memory (RAM)

Make sure your laptop or desktop has at least 4GB of RAM

Hard drive

Your Hard Drive is where all your data, pictures, music and more is stored. You can expect most laptops to come with at least 250Gb or storage with desktops a little more at 500GB. This is enough for the average user and if space ever does become a problem you are able to upgrade to an external option.

Disc drive

Make sure you have a CD drive on your laptop and desktop unless you are absolutely sure you will never need to use one. You can also consider a DVD drive option and Blu ray option which are all backwards compatible meaning they play all types of CD.


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